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Vodafone 5G Connected Rugby Tackle Cylinder

When a customer contacted our Electronic Integration team with an unusual request, we couldn't say no!

In July 2019, Vodafone launched it's 5G network to the world. To demonstrate the 5G network's super-low latency and its ability to transmit a lot of data with no time lag. They wanted to send the pressure sensitivity from a rugby tackle cylinder in real time to a rugby player 100 miles away, wearing a haptic bodysuit. Letting you feel the rugby tackle in real time.

The haptic bodysuit works by electro-stimulation, giving the wearer physical sensation in response to an action or command. This increases immersion and 360-degree awareness, and engages muscle memory.

Vodafone 5G Connected Rugby Tackle Cylinder MilCases

The Solution

Vodafone 5G Connected Rugby Tackle Cylinder MilCases

Our engineering team developed a compact battery powered Bluetooth accelerometer to be fitted inside the rugby tackle cylinder.

With our custom Bluetooth software, a consistant stream of accelerometer measurements were sent to a computer. Based on this data, the computer detected when the tackle cylinder was hit and the force of the hit. This data was then transmitted to London over Vodafone's 5G network to the haptic bodysuit.