Explorer 10840 Case

CODE: 10840

Explorer 10840 Case

The Explorer 10840 Case is mobile armoury case for rifles. The 10840 Rifle Case has four self oiling wheels, eight heavy duty metal latches, two stainless steel reinforced padlockable points and the side handles offer a two person lift option.

Explorer 10840 is available in two colours, black and olive drab green. There are four standard configurations, empty, layers of pre-cubed foam, weapon foam insert and weapon foam insert with humidity indicator. The weapon foam insert models include a lockable metal bar across the case to secure weapons.

Featuring a sealing o-ring that provides the Explorer 10840 Case with it’s watertight seal and IP67 rating. The manual purge valve helps release and equalise any built up pressure inside the case.

Add an Explorer patented combination padlock to your case for ultimate security and peace of mind.

Every year thousands of Explorer Cases are chosen to protect and carry sensitive and expensive equipment all over the world. Made from Explorer’s innovative Copolymer Polypropylene compound, offering safe transportation for electronic equipment, precision instrumentation and sensitive equipment. The Explorer 10840 Case can withstand the harshest conditions and is certified to resist temperatures from -33 to +90°C.

Explorer Cases are exclusively designed and manufactured in Italy, Europe.


External Dimensions 1178 (L) x 718 (W) x 427 (D) mm
Internal Dimensions 1080 (L) x 620 (W) x 400 (D) mm
Lid Depth 200 mm
Base Depth 200 mm
Weight 19.8 kg
Weight with Foam 26.3 kg
Volume 260 Litres
Buoyancy 120.6 kg/max
Certificates DEF-STD 81-41
IP Rating 67
Wheels? Yes


Explorer Cases is a complete range of indestructible waterproof cases: the ideal solution to meet the needs of the most demanding users, in the extreme conditions. In fact, every day thousands of professionals all over the world trust and rely on their Explorer Cases to protect the most valuable tools and pieces of equipment during their journeys.

Explorer 10840 Case



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