Explorer FOAM.3823


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Explorer FOAM.3823

The Explorer FOAM.3823 is layers of pre-cubed, Pick ‘n’ Pluck foam to fit inside the base of a case and convoluted foam for the case lid.

The pre-cubed foam allows the user to tailor the insert to their own individual requirement. Ideal for fitting all sorts of equipment into Explorer cases securely.

The convoluted foam in the lid helps to firmly keep the stored equipment in place while the case is closed.

Explorer FOAM.3823 foam set is designed to fit the Explorer 3823 Case.


Explorer Cases is a complete range of indestructible waterproof cases: the ideal solution to meet the needs of the most demanding users, in the extreme conditions. In fact, every day thousands of professionals all over the world trust and rely on their Explorer Cases to protect the most valuable tools and pieces of equipment during their journeys.

Explorer FOAM.3823