Peli vs Explorer Cases

Peli vs Explorer Cases MilCasesBased on Peli case sizes, below is a list of nearest Explorer alternatives.

Every year thousands of Explorer Cases are chosen to protect and carry sensitive and expensive equipment all over the world. Made from Explorer’s innovative Copolymer Polypropylene compound, offering safe transportation for electronic equipment, precision instrumentation and sensitive equipment. Explorer Case can withstand the harshest conditions and is certified to resist temperatures from -33 to +90°C.

Explorer Cases are exclusively designed and manufactured in Italy, Europe.


Peli ModelProduct NameInternal LengthInternal WidthInternal Depth
Peli 1120Explorer 190819012585
N/AExplorer 1913190125135
Peli 1150Explorer 220922016095
Peli 1300Explorer 2214220160145
Peli 1200Explorer 2712276200120
Peli 1300Explorer 2717276200170
Peli 1075Explorer 300530021058
Peli 1400Explorer 3317330234170
N/AExplorer 3317W330350170
Peli 1450Explorer 3818380270180
Peli 1490Explorer 4412445345125
Peli 1520Explorer 4419445345190
Peli 1550Explorer 4820480370205
N/AExplorer 5117517277173
Peli 1510Explorer 5122517277217
N/AExplorer 5140516296402
Peli 1560Explorer 5325538405250
Peli 1560Explorer 5326538405250
Peli 1600Explorer 5822580440220
Peli 1610Explorer 5823580440220
Peli 1620Explorer 5833580440330
Peli 1650Explorer 7630765485305
Peli 1660 / 1690Explorer 7641765485415
Peli 1660Explorer 7726770580265
Peli 1690Explorer 7745770580450
Peli 1700Explorer 9413939352137
Peli 1780Explorer 108261080620260
Peli 1780Explorer 108401080620400
Peli 1720Explorer 114131136350135
Peli 1750Explorer 135131350350135
Peli 1770Explorer 135271350350272
N/AExplorer 154161540377160